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What do my clients say about me?

Ankit has helped our company since day 1 to establish our branding, social media posting, online presence, sales funnels, etc. His help was tremendous and his support priceless. Always there to help, Ankit has shown real care towards our business and has been a very pleasant working relationship.
Marie Sulebi
Marie Sulebi
Operations Manager at
10-Pro Consulting
I would like to thank ankit on his work. He actually helped me figuring out which way to take my business marketing strategy. He was available all the time and responded to all my questions and suggested new ideas that I can implement to improve my business and grow quickly.
Talal Ahmed
Co-Founder of
The Nutty Box
Ankit's Marketing know-how is excellent. His approach is to understand first, based on which he gives you advice which is not only relevant but also saves money in the long term.
Ensuring that you have systems in place to capitalise on the various strategies provided.
Tanuj Damani
Co-Founder at Mikaniki
Ankit is a genius when it comes to digital marketing strategies. It is because of his strategies I was able to 2X my conversions in just 30 days. Not only is he good at what he does but he is extremely professional and proactive. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about getting their brand to the right customers.
Odell Dias
Digital Marketing Manager at St.Pauls Institute of Communication
Ankit s a detail-oriented, target-oriented, ambitious, and talented co-worker and his digital marketing knowledge is vast and extensive. Through the years, we worked on various projects and I was impressed by his manner of growth hacking mindset. I highly recommend him for Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel strategies.
Mohit Singh
Social Media Manager at Justwords Consultants
Ankit is a great team player, he knows very well to plan, organize and delegate work. He makes sure everyone in the team understands the scope of work well and is always ready to go an extra mile to make sure things are done in the right way at the right time. His structured way of working is what separates him from the rest.
Kaushal Gohil
Lead PMO at Techved

Successful Case Studies

Meet Ankit Modi, Your Online Business Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant in Dubai

Hey there, I’m Ankit Modi & I am an Online Business Consultant & Coach based in Dubai. I recently got an opportunity to retire my father, got out of debt, invested in stocks, and living a laptop lifestyle. But this is not how I started my journey. 

I actually started my first part-time business back in 2010 with a Network Marketing Company selling Home Care Products while I was still working in my full-time job as we were going through a lot of financial troubles back when I was living in Mumbai.

It’s the first time when I made a passive income from my business of approximate by referring a few of my friends in the business. 

Since that, I have been obsessed with learning how to start and grow an online business through digital marketing so, in 2014, I experimented again by starting an Affiliate Marketing Business whilst working in a Full-Time Corporate Job. After a lot of trials and errors, I made my first $30 online from Amazon and another $100 from a program.

Since that taste of first success, I decided to study successful entrepreneurs and how they made their living and fortune so I decided to dive deep into it so started investing in books, paid courses, and coaching programs. To date, I do this and have already invested over $5,000 of my own money into learning everything that I know… 

In 2015, I decided to apply my newfound knowledge on digital marketing and funnels and decided to work as a Freelancer, helping entrepreneurs build websites on WordPress and running Digital Marketing Campaigns for them. I started to make an additional $1,000-$2,000 from selling my services. 

Since it was taking too much of my time, I realized I wanted to start an online business where I can make money quickly so went on to start my first Ecommerce Dropshipping selling Health Supplements online in 2016. After quickly building my store on WordPress Woocommerce, I spent the next 3-6 months optimizing my site via SEO to rank organically on google on high-ranking keywords. I started getting more traffic and predictable income of up to $500 / month but wasn’t able to sustain the overhead costs of managing the store by myself along with the job.

Backed up now with proven success, I decided to make a career in digital marketing so decided to work with various Digital Marketing Agencies from 2017 to 2020 & helped many business owners grow their online presence and growth in revenue. It was in this phase of my life that I made the most impact yet and generated close to over $100,000 in total revenue combined for all my clients through my digital marketing strategies.

Finally with enough success stories under my kitty and the covid pandemic, in March 2020, I decided to start my full-time Digital Services Business to help business owners with my strategies and solutions. After settling for a bit, I made almost $20,000 in just a span of 3 months(Dec to Mar). So I decided to launch my own coaching program to help aspiring entrepreneurs and brands with my proven strategies to achieve the results they are looking for.

I'd love to consult you if you are...

An Aspiring Entrepreneur

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start and grow your business online to make your first or next $1k, $2k or even $10k online but just need clarity & actionable plan on how to do it without wasting a lot of time or resources? If Yes, I can coach you

A Service Business

Do you own an agency or a own a physical shop and provide services are looking to generate more leads, close more deals and start making repeated income? If Yes, I can coach you

A Ecomm Brand

Do you have your own online store, info products, a saas based website or you have an app and are looking for ways to generate more traffic and conversions / app downloads to monetize your platform ? If Yes, I can coach you

my 3 Steps Digital Success Framework

Step 1: Creation

Step 2: Marketing

Step 3: Selling

How will I Consult You?

2 Hours Video Consultation

I will give you a 2 Hour Video Consultation on how to start and grow your online business where I will personally consult you on how to get started and grow your dream online business business using my digital marketing & sales strategies.

4 Weeks 1:1 Coaching

This will be a 4 Weeks 1:1 Coaching Program where I will personally mentor you weekly over a 1 hour Zoom Video Call and share the strategies and action items you need to do for that particular week using my proprietary systems.

3 Months Ongoing Consultation

This will be a 3 Months ongoing Consultation Program where I will personally work you and your team to help them achieve specific set of goals, be it lead generation, conversions, etc.

What will your Consultation Improve?

Digital Marketing

Learn how to think like a 6 figure digital marketer and build strategies that can generate results.

Content Writing

Learn how to write great content that can attract your dream audience and generate engagement.

Sales Funnels

Learn the Secret Strategies behind building a high converting sales funnel that makes you money.


Learn the art of persuasion and how to close your potential leads into clients without sounding salesy.

Facebook Ads

Learn how to drive traffic to your funnels using Facebook Ads.

Google Ads

Learn how to drive traffic to your funnels using Google Ads Search Campaigns.

Email Marketing

Learn the real strategy of making your fortune through the power of email marketing.


Learn how to analyze data and make better strategic decisions in your business.


Yes absolutely. It is designed for both aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced business owners.

Only Laptop, Good Internet Connection, Will to Succeed & Me =)

My Fees for varies for each services. For more details, please book a qualification call with me on https://ankitmodi.net/30mincall 

I accept payments via Direct Bank Transfer or Paypal. The link will be shared after booking your first call with me.

I do not offer a refund on any of my 2 Hour Consultation Services I Provide. However, for 4 weeks of Coaching, I offer a 60 Days Money back guarantee provided the Strategy shared was applied, and still, it did not work or generate any result.

Want My Help to Start or Grow Your Online Business?