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[Case Study] How I generated over $1 Million in Just 6 months

Are you a Business Owner or a digital marketer looking for ways to generate more leads and increase more sales for your service business through digital marketing?

Well, you couldn’t have found this blog post at a better time than ‘now‘.

Because in this short case study, I share the exact digital marketing strategy and the tactics that I used to generate over $1 million worth of sales in total goal value for one of my clients.

Before I share the strategies and tactics, here is the screenshot of the Google Analytics Report as a proof to show that I actually did achieve this and why you should consider reading this post and giving me your time today.

How I generated over 1 Million in Total Goal Value

So as you can see from the above screenshot, I actually did manage to pull this off and in a relatively short period of time. =)
(AED 708,000,000 = $1M)

The client was certainly in a much comfortable situation in terms of having enough interested people or leads that are willing to pay them in exchange for the service they were interested in opt-in.

Now, I wasn’t ever planning to really publish this information and share my secrets anytime sooner.

But then I thought that even if my story and knowledge were able to impact & inspire even one person who actually needed this, I will surely think of it as an even bigger achievement.

And I really do hope, that one person is YOU.

So let’s get right into it shall we?

The Backstory:

The journey started for both of us(client and me) in September 2019 when through a referral I was introduced to them as they were in a survival mode.

They were a newly launch startup based in Dubai providing Immigration Services to countries like Canada, Australia, etc, and just launched their new website.

We sat down over a cup of coffee and discussed in length on how to position ourselves in a market where there was already a very fierce competition from other immigration agencies who existed here in Dubai and doing very good.

So we came up with the below digital marketing strategy on how do we launch our brand and start generating leads & revenue to hit out the sales targets that were defined.

The Simple 5 Steps that Generated Over $1 Million

1. Campaign Goals:

Although the client had a vague idea of what they wanted to achieve which is driving more revenue to recover the initial setup costs asap that went into the business and also have enough cash flow coming in on a monthly basis to survive for the next 3-6 months, it had to be specific in terms of actual numbers.

So I recommended them to write down the exact Sales Target they want to achieve in the next 3 months on their WhiteBoard.

That will in return help me set and work on all the other related Digital Marketing KPIs which were necessary to achieve the sales targets.

So for this case study reference, let’s assume the client gave me a total target of $100,000 USD to achieve in the next 3 months.

The Average Order Value of their Customers was $1000 which depended on course on which exact service they buy from them.

But assuming its $1,000 a pop, all we had to do was to generate 100 signups in the course of over 90 days which is roughly 1 Sale Every Day.

So, in order to achieve what they set out, I narrowed down my focus on only 1 KPI based on the sales target, which was ‘Total Leads Generated’

Does that mean that metrics like Total Ad Reach, Average CTR, Total Traffic Generated, Total Signups, Conversion Rate %, etc. did not matter?

No, they surely did. But our True North Star or One Thing that can define our success or failure was the number of leads that got generated from our Marketing Campaigns.

Let’s look at our live case, based on their existing targets of closing 1 signup daily, I had to generate an ‘X’ number of leads at the Front End of the Funnel so that their Sales Team can then, close them over the phone.

Since I was not sure of their existing Conversion Rates in terms of MQLs(Marketing Qualified Leads) to Sales, Meaning if the Conversion Rates was 5%, then I would have to generate a total of 2,000 leads so that they can close 100 signups(5% of 2,000).

But considering the worst-case scenario and assumed to have an even lower conversion rate of only 2.5%, so that meant I had to generate over 8,000 leads in the next 6 months or generate daily a total of 45 leads so that we can hit our sales targets.

2. Audience Persona

Now that the sales targets are set, it was important to really understand who we are going to serve in exchange for reaching that goal.

Since our core offerings included helping skilled professionals & immigrants looking for better career & growth opportunities, it was not difficult at all to find such an audience here in Dubai.

They are all around us and all we needed to do was just put the right message out in front of them.

However, still we dig deep and made a list of who exactly our audience persona or dream client is and what are they interested in, what are they doing online and how can we find them?

  • Some of the things that we identified were below:
  • Gender
  • Age:
  • Primary Target Location:
  • Primary Language Targeting:
  • Mother Tongue:
  • Primary Job Role:
  • Income Requirements:
  • Interests:
  • Product Targeting:

Once we knew exactly who are we going to target online, it became very clear on what message we want to communicate to them through our posts and ad campaigns so that they can connect with us.

3. Digital Marketing Strategy:

Having absolute clarity about what we want to achieve makes it easier to come up with a digital marketing strategy that will propel us to achieve the targets according to the timelines.

Now if you remember, the client only had a website, social media asset pages(Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin, etc.) & a minimum advertising budget to begin with without any real online presence and an existing list.

So while creating the digital marketing strategy, at first I was confused about how should I go about it.

But then I thought, why in the world would I want to reinvent the wheel when all I can do is see what their existing competitors were doing in the first place?

Rather than over complicating the whole thing, I saw their competitors traffic sources, keywords & other marketing data on SEMRush

The data helped me with creating a basic digital marketing plan and what to do now and what to do 3 months down the line.

What I found out that majority of the traffic that their top 3 competitors were getting from was through Google Ads & SEO.

So that’s where I started, I knew that it was able to rank my site on the first page and first position through Google Ads for high volume and commercial intent keywords, I can drive traffic from Google Ads directly to my website which will increase our chances of generating more leads and hitting my daily target of 45 leads.

Of course, anything more than that was always a bonus for us but the benchmark was always clear to me of what I needed to achieve.

And since SEO was always a Long-Term Strategy, I pitched them running a Google Ads(Search) Campaign, shared the top 20 keywords I was planning to bid and the ad copies, headlines, etc. so that we can kick start asap.

Apart from Google Ads, I also recommended them Facebook Ads after reviewing some of their competitors ads via Facebook Ads Library Tool.

I realized that most of the competitors who were present on Google Ads, were also targeting new users via Facebook and Instagram Ads.

So knowing more about our audience, we were able to find them on Facebook via Interest Targeting.

Since our ad account and pixels were new, the only option was running a conversion campaign with text & video-based ads to a cold audience driving them to our landing pages and generating inquiries.

The campaign was approved and we were on our way. =)

4. Execution:

So as you can see, before we reached the actual execution stage, we were clear on what we want to achieve, how were are going to achieve it and whom are we going to serve.

Knowing these things is vital before you reach out or prospect with your customers be it via paid ad campaigns or organic efforts.

Anyways, I have attached the screenshot of the Facebook Ad Campaign that we ran and the results that we were able to achieve for them:

Also sharing the results for the Google Ads Campaign that we ran below:

So as you can see, we overshot our initial target of generating at least 8,000 leads in a total period of 6 months by 2,000 surplus leads.

Now all I did to achieve this was strategically target our dream client on Facebook & Google with the right message so that they can come visit our landing pages.

To be honest, we still had quite a high bounce rate since more visitors did not fill the forms.

But we expected that so after the first 2-3 months after the Pixels were warmed up, we re-targeted almost 70-80% of website visitors who left our website without submitting the form via retargeting ads.

Anyone who visited us, we ensured that we communicate to them via our follow up campaigns via a different ad or messaging.

This helped us increase our existing conversion rate by 40-50% and in turn our sales.

5. Sales Funnel:

Now the important section of how we were able to convert so many website visitors to leads.

Yes, we targeted them strategically, but the important part in any conversion-based campaign is the Sales Funnel.

Without defining your customer journey and creating a sales funnel before running any campaign, it is quite impossible to close sales.

Because your website visitors will get lost and it will not only mean that you lose your ad budget but also lose that client and a chance to serve them and change their life.

So we knew that we had to keep the sales funnel really simple so that we filter only the interested leads who were willing to change their life ‘now’ rather than the casual ones who were just looking for information and were not ready to buy.

We creating a simple landing page with one form that they can fill if they were interested to speak with our consultant over the phone directly after they reviewed all the information about the immigration program and what will it mean to them if they opt for it.

The copy obviously had to be convincing and different compared to our competitor since the leads generated from google were going to check other websites out as well before they made a decision.

It was not the case for Facebook Leads as we were persuading them to visit a new opportunity so the conversion rate was higher there.

Once they submitted the lead, it was assigned to a sales rep in the CRM and they would immediately give them a call to discuss the opportunity. If they liked what they heard, they would possible visit our office and became our client.

If not, we moved them on to a separate bucket to whom we would nurture through our ongoing content marketing and email marketing activities.


So as you can see, generating sales online might not be that complicated as you might think. Yet at the same time it’s not as easy.

Its simple but not easy.

There are many moving parts to running a successful campaign apart from the ones mentioned above.

You have to also see, the engagement on your content, whether they are clicking on the CTAs, check heatmaps and understand the drop-offs, talk to the existing lead and understanding even in more depth their pain points so that we can craft an even better offer, the sales process, etc.

However, the difference between a campaign that doesn’t work and one that works can all come down to experience and leadership. Is the person leading your campaign qualified enough?

Is he willing to test, experiment and make it successful no matter what?

If you have that someone on your team, its only a matter of time before you too will see such results and even far more better results and grow to be a highly successful brand.

Let me know in the comments section in case you have any questions about any of my above steps or any other questions about running digital marketing and I’ll be happy to answer it.

Until the next post. =)

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