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10 Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Companies in Dubai

Looking for lead generation strategies for your B2B Business in Dubai? You’ve come to the right place.

Ever Since The COVID-19 Outbreak, Life Has Come To A Halt. With Social Distancing Norms In Place, The Business World Has Suffered From The Global Pandemic Severely.

Digital Marketing Plans Stand Disrupted, Requiring Business Owners & B2B Digital Marketers To Re-Focus On Lead Generation Dubai Strategy To Keep The Sales Funnel Fueled.

No Doubt, The Current Situation Has Also Impacted Purchase Decisions As Well Of The Clients And Consumers Across The Globe And Not Just Dubai.

The Biggest Challenge Is To Use Digital Marketing Strategically Keeping Marketing Budgets In Check With A Focus On Lead Generation In Order To Survive And Keep The Cash Flow Coming In.

Let’s See How To Generate Leads In Dubai During This Post-COVID-19 Era.

10 Strategies for Generating B2B Leads in Dubai

When Social Distancing Seems To Be The New Normal, You Cannot Ignore The Potential Of Digital Marketing. Harness The Power Of Online Marketing To Maintain Engagement With Your Target Audience.

Your Focus Should Be To Fuel Your Sales Funnel And Generate Leads Both In The Short And Medium-Term Through Innovative Digital Marketing Tactics As Described Below:

1. Knowing Your Dream Client

First Things First, You Must Target The Right Audience. 

Who Is Your Dream Client?

What Are Their Preferences?

What Are They Reading Online?

Where Are They Buying From?

When You Understand These Things In Detail About Your Audience, You Can Cater To Their Needs Better And Keep Them Interested In Your Business.

It Would Help To Create A Buyer Persona Or A Customer Avatar With A Focus On Demographics, Income, Purchase Behavior, Online Behavior, And Pain Points. With This, It Will Become Easier To Target Them Where They Are And Connect With Them. 

2. Connect with your Customers

Since The Onset Of COVID-19 And Social Distancing Norms, User Screen Time Seems To Have Exploded. There Has Been A Significant Rise In The Number Of Internet Users.

So What Does That Mean To A Business Looking For Some Serious Lead Generation In Dubai?

It Means That You Cannot Afford To Not Have An Active Presence On Social Media Sites Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Medium, Etc.

Your Target Audience Will Speak With You And You Need To Speak With Them On A Constant Basis.

I Would Highly Recommend You Read Gary Vaynerchuk’s Book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook That Talks In Detail About Just This Point.

I Have Personally Read This Book And I Think It Was One Of The Best Marketing Books I have ever read.

3. A Sales Funnel

sales funnels for real estate companiesIf Your Business Already Has A Website, Great. But is it only reliant on that to generate leads? 

Is it going great?

The Idea Of Having A Sales Funnel, Separate From A Website Is So That It Can Be Used To Run Targeted Campaigns Aimed At Generating High Quality Buyer Leads that are serious.

It Also Helps In Following up with them easy and can also track In Google Analytics And CRM the history and the progress to track the ROI.

Having a website may not be enough as your clients may get confused with so many buttons, information and content on it. 

Integrating a Simple Sales Funnels can simplify your customers user experience and will also allow you to qualify them based on the information they provide.

4. Invest In Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

A Smart Business Owner Or Digital Marketing Manager That Eyes Lead Generation In Dubai Cannot & Will Not Ignore Search Engine Optimization Or SEO. seo for real estate

It Holds The Key To Attract Organic Traffic To Your Business Website And Improve Your Site Ranking In Google Search Page Results. 

Also, Make Sure You Get Your Google My Business Account Created So That You Also Rank For Local Listings When People Around Your Locality Search For Your Services.

When You Target Relevant Keywords And Revamp The Existing Content With Informative And Compelling Messages, You Can Generate More Organic Traffic And Reach Out To A Wider Audience. 

Informative Content With Long-Tail Keywords Can Help You Differentiate Yourself From The Competition And Drive Interested Leads.

I Know, SEO Can Be Hard, Time Consuming, And Will Require Patience.

But, As Neil Patel Says, SEO Is Not A Sprint, It’s A Marathon, The Time And Efforts Will Pay Off The Results In The Future. 

You can also Get Your Website Page Speed Checked On Google’s Page Speed Tool Here.

Google Will Not Only Share The Page Speed Score But Also Share With You The Recommended List Of Things Your Development Team Needs To Work On In Order To Fix It which is important to fix in order to rank on the first page of google.

An Ideal Page Speed Score Should Be Above 85+ For Both Mobile And Desktop Versions.

To Help You Get Started, You Can Enter Your Website Url In The Search Bar Below To See A List Of Things You Need To Start Working On With Your Team.

5. Investing in your Brand Assets

Most Traditional B2B Companies Already Have Set Up Their Own Website, Social Media Pages, Email Marketing Systems, Etc

However, Things Are Evolving Pretty Fast In The Digital Marketing Landscape And There Are So Many Things Happening That It Might Get Overwhelming On What To Do And What Not To.

Some Of The Most Important Assets You Can Invest In Are Listed Below:

  1. Digital Content Development: Digital Content Is Everything Your B2B Business Needs To Not Just Build Your Brand But Also Generate More Leads And Close More Deals. Creating Digital Content Like Blogs, Social Media Posts, Videos, Publications, Ebooks, Etc. Will Help You Go A Long Way In Standing Out As An Expert In Your Business.
  2. Project Management Tools: Yes, This Is Crucial For Your Business Too As Day To Day Tasks Need To Get Managed, Organized, And Assigned On Time Be It Before Acquiring A Client Or After. Your Business Needs To Run Efficiently And Having A Project Management Tool Can Help You Do That.
  3. Client Testimonials: I Can Actually Put This On #1 Rank, It Is That Important. Testimonials And Reviews On Your Website/Facebook Pages/Google My Business Page, Trust Pilot, Etc Will Help You Build Trust Faster Especially When Running Digital Marketing Campaigns To A Cold Audience. It Helps The Sales Team To Close Deals Faster As They Don’t Have To Convince A Prospect Why They Should Trust You.
  4. CRM: Did You Know That A Properly Implemented CRM Systems Commonly Yield A 245% ROI? Just Goes To Show Why Implementing A CRM(If You Haven’t Already Is So Important For Your Business To Keep A Track Of All Sales Efforts, Deals, Pipeline, And Expected Revenue In The Coming Months)
  5. Copywriting: This Holds The Key To Engaging Your Audience When It Comes To Lead Generation In Dubai. Make Sure You Have Someone With The Right Content Skills Onboard Your Marketing Team. A Strong Understanding And Awareness Of The Industry Is A Value Addition. While A Good Copy That Connects With The Audience Can Escalate Your Brand, A Bad Copy Is The Worst Thing To Hurt Your Image. 

6. Social Media Marketing

If You Are Seriously Wondering How To Generate Leads In Dubai Especially During COVID-19, Social Media Marketing Can Help Drive More Traffic Faster Than Any Other Platform Especially If You Are Not Getting Organic Traffic From Google. social media marketing for real estate companies

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, And LinkedIn Are Great Social Platforms To Not Connect With Your Audience But Also Build Your Brand.

Use The Budget That You Had Set Aside For Live Trade Shows And Events For Digital Marketing To Create Pages, Share A Concern, Hear Their Pain Points, And Offer Assistance.

Now Post Relevant Content On Social Media And Drive Traffic To Your Website. Remember, It’s All About Interaction With Your Target Audience Now.

More Than 1.4 Billion People Use Facebook Groups, According To HubSpot. This Gives You A Reason To Harness The Power Of Facebook Groups To Grab Your Share Of A Dedicated Fan Following.

Use Videos And Polls To Interact Digitally And Stay Connected. Make Your Audience Feel Heard In These Tough Times. Offer Them A Solution And They Will Be Happy To Be A Part Of Your Sales Pipeline.

7. Paid Advertising

google ads for real estate companiesSince An Increasing Number Of People Are Searching For Products Online Since The Social Distancing Norms Were Implemented, While Focus Should Be On Attracting Organic Leads During These Challenging Times, Paid Advertising Should Be An Important Part Of Your Lead Generation Strategy.

Lead Generation In Dubai May Become Easier With Paid Ad Campaigns Especially PPC Through Google Ads & Facebook Ads.

Also, The Ad Costs Are Significantly Lower Right Now So If You Intensified Your Online Ad Campaigns You Can Reach To Them At A Much Lower Cost.

Placed At The Top Of Search Engine Page Results, PPC Campaigns Through Google Ads Target The Selected Keywords, Thus Helping You Stand Out. The Combination Of Targeted Keywords And Ad Placement Can Help You Generate High-Quality Leads. 

While Running Facebook Lead Ads Or Interest-Based Campaigns With Split Testing Various Creatives On Facebook Targeting Your Avatar Can Really Help You Reach Them With Your Offer At A Lower Cost.

Another Good Display Ads Can Be Strategically Placed On Specific Websites. Their Targeting Abilities Make Them One Of The Best Lead Generation Tools For Marketers.

Use Display Ads In Different Formats To Grab Eyeballs. Make Sure They Are Interactive And Free From Clutter. You May Use Different Formats For Display Ads, From Videos To GIPs, Static Images, And Wallpapers. 

8. Email Marketing

email marketing for real estate companiesConsumers Still Prefer To Connect With Brands Via Email. Email Marketing Continues To Be One Of The Most Effective Lead Generation In Dubai Tools To Nurture Leads And Reduce Marketing Costs While Increasing ROI.

In Fact, During The Pandemic, Email Usage Has Increased Due To Social Distancing And Lockdown. Unlike Paid Campaigns, Email Marketing Can Also Be Relatively Cheaper.

But Before Beginning With The Campaign, It Would Help To Get Permission From The Audience To Drop Them Emails And Newsletters.

You Can Ask Them To Fill Up A Sign-Up Form. If They Do, It Is An Indication That They Are Open To Future Communication With Your Brand. 

When You Begin The Lead Generation Email Marketing Campaign, It Is An Opportunity To Get Them Interested Right Away. So You May Want To Offer Them Something Special Or Bait.

The Idea Is To Entice Them To Open The Email. You May Offer A Discount, A Freebie, Or Reward Points. Drop Them A Weekly Or Monthly Newsletter.

Even If You Do Not Have A Piece Of News To Share, You May Drop A Few Tips On A Subject Of Interest. For Example, In Today’s Challenging Times, You May Reconnect With Your Audience Through A Personalized Message That Talks About The COVID-19 Situation. 

It Would Help To Link Your Email Message To Your Landing Page, Where Most Of The Lead Conversion Is Expected To Happen. 

8. Marketing Automation

A High Number Of Marketers Use Marketing Automation Platforms To Automate Their Lead Nurturing And Followups And Retargeting.

Done Right, Automation Becomes Highly Effective For Content Delivery, Email Automation, And Better-Targeted Customer Interaction.

Marketing Automation Gives You Better Control Of Lead Generation Campaigns, From Lead Conversion Into Sales To Nurturing Them Until They Become Your Customers.

Leverage Automation To Personalize Interactions With Leads Based On Their Data. Basically, A Landing Page Is A Point Where A Visitor Usually Converts Into A Lead And Enters The Sales Funnel.

It Is Through Nurturing That They Are Willing To Share More Details About Their Preferences, Choices, And Pain Points.

Automation Will Also Allow You To Take Your Customer Through Different Stages Of The Funnel Based On Their Activities And Interactions.

10. Test, Test Test

When It Comes To Marketing For Lead Generation In Dubai, Split Testing, Or A/B Everything(Your Ads, Landing Pages/Copies, Email Content, Etc) Will Help Measure Key Performance Indicators That Are Driving Your Business.

You Don’t Want To Overspend On Underperforming Ads. In Order To Do So, It Is Important To Track Paid Media Metrics. However, Before Running Ad Campaigns, You Would Do Well To Understand What Those Metrics Mean To Obtain Meaningful Results. 

Key Metrics To Monitor While Running Digital Marketing Campaigns Include Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Acquisition, Budget, CTR, Etc.

Cost Per Acquisition And Cost Per Conversion Refers To The Amount Paid For A Click-Through On Your Ad. It Could Be A Click, A Phone Call, Or A Newsletter Sign-Up.

Tracking The CPA Metrics Enables You To See The Financial Impact Of Your Ad Campaigns. When You Are Looking For Tips As To How To Generate Leads In Dubai, You Should Work To Keep The Cost Per Conversion Down. 

Monitoring Key Performance Indicators Is A Great Benchmark To Optimize Your Ad Campaign Performance And Find The Most Effective Paid Media Channels. Conversions Are A Great Tool To Determine The User Action After Clicking Through An Ad. Again, The Importance Of Having Relevant, Informative, And Engaging Content Cannot Be Stressed More Here.

Time Watched, Lead Acquired, Phone Call Leads, Engagement, Bounce Rate Are Other Metrics That Should Be Considered To Redesign Your Lead Generation Strategy And Improve Performance. 


The Need Of The Hour Is To Combine Paid And Organic Advertising Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, And Lead Nurturing Campaigns.

An Omnichannel Digital Marketing Approach Is The Key To Attracting, Converting, And Nurturing Leads Through The Entire Sales Cycle To Generate High-Quality B2B Leads For Your Business.

I Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts On What Strategies You’re Implementing For Your Business In The Comments Section Below And Your Experience If You Have Implemented Any Or All Of The Above Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business

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