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7 Facebook Lead Generation Strategies for Businesses in Dubai

Are you a Service Business Owner of an amazing offer but are waiting for a magical solution that can automatically fill your pipeline with leads and hot buyers? 😁

Today you’re in luck because I’m going to cover Facebook lead generation strategies that I have learned over the last 5 years of generating leads from Facebook and some secret Facebook ads strategies that I learned from reading a book called Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson.

If you feel like skipping this post and decide to just go ahead and purchase that book instead, it will teach you not only how to generate leads from Facebook but also Google, Instagram, YouTube, Email & Few Other Sources both Organic & Paid that will blow away your mind.

But in case you’re interested knowing how you can you leverage the true power of Facebook to generate leads for your business, continue reading.

Why Facebook & How does its Algorithm work?

facebook algorithm
(Image Credit: pexels.com)

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms today with decision-makers spending 74% more time on Facebook as compared to any other platform. 

In fact, as of 2020, Facebook has acquired over 4 million users in Dubai. This is a massive marketing opportunity and one of the major reasons why businesses prefer Facebook as one of their primary social media platforms for lead generation. 

Over the last Few Years, Facebook has managed to create multiple ways for its users and advertisers to create content, like Profile, Pages, Groups & Messenger. Apart from this Facebook also has acquired Instagram & Whatsapp to increase its online share.

Facebook in itself is like a country where you can target to whoever you wish to based on what your business is.

Over time its Algorithm has evolved but the most recent ones states that the best way to utilize Facebook is through the use of Videos both on your profile or page, engaging on groups and running ads.

7 Highly Effective Facebook Lead Generation Strategies for Service-Based Businesses

So now that we know Facebook is a great platform to generate leads, what is the best facebook lead generation strategy and technique for businesses in Dubai? 

I have compiled a list of 7 tried and tested techniques that have helped me generate thousands of high-quality leads and sales for my clients and if implemented correctly, you too will be able to do the same for your business. 

1. Facebook Lead Generation Ads  

(Image Credit: sproutsocial.com)

Running Lead Ads on Facebook is one of the fastest ways of getting leads directly from Facebook without even having to drive them to your website is the best way to kick start your Facebook Lead generation Strategy.

But what are Facebook Lead Ads exactly? 

Facebook Lead Ads give businesses a simple way of acquiring leads with just a few taps of the button. 

They are carefully optimized for mobile simplifying the entire lead generation process. 

People can easily tap your ad and they will be shown a pop-up form. The form already has some of their information pulled up directly from Facebook such as their contact information, thus it is ready to be sent with just a click of the button. 

A few highlights of Facebook Lead Ads are as follows: 

  • Native Functionality – Facebook lead ads lets you send your contact information with an auto-filled form. This way your user experience isn’t interrupted by keeping your lead within Facebook itself and not having to go to another website to fill a form. 
  • Mobile-Friendly – This is one of the major advantages of Facebook lead ads. The ease of submitting a form on Facebook because it pre-populates user information automatically makes it extremely user friendly. So even if you’re using a small mobile screen, filling out your contact information becomes seamless. 
  • Advanced Targeting – With Facebook Lead Ads, you can use precise targeting options that Facebook gives you so that your ads reach the right people at the right time, who are more likely to fill your form.  
  • Higher Conversion Rate – With more leads acquired via pre-filled forms, the chances of higher conversions increases drastically due to fewer drop-offs. 
  • CRM Integration – Facebook provides a number of integrations to your CRM so that your leads on Facebook can be automatically sent to the CRM that you use. This way, your sales team can immediately contact your potential customers. 

2. Facebook Conversion Ads 

(Image Credit: andreavahl.com)

Besides the specialized Facebook Lead Ads, you can also consider using the other forms of Facebook Lead generation methods like Conversion Ads.

What are Conversion Ads?

While Lead Ads generate leads directly on facebook, conversion ads drive people away from facebook to your landing pages, funnels and website where they can get more info about your offer and submit their contact details via a form.

Facebook also tracks those visitors who clicked on your ad and ended up on your website through a tracking system called as a ‘Pixel’. It captures data and reports back to your Business Manager Account(where you can run ad campaigns) so that it optimizes its traffic based on its results.

Running conversion ads can direct quality traffic to your website, which can then convert into leads. 

When creating conversion ads, it’s important that you follow these 5 steps in order to maximise your results and lower your Cost Per Acquisition.

Audience Targeting is Crucial: Once you decide to start running ads, Facebook will allow you to target users based on Interests. So for example, if you sell real estate, you can target an audience on Facebook who is interested in real estate, or luxury properties, house hunting, etc. Always start with broad targeting options and then go narrow since you need to understand which audience interest works best for your offer.

Create eye-catching Visuals(Your Hook): Facebook & Instagram in the end are more creative platforms and they love high-quality images that are unique and stand out. Take your time to create captivating creatives for your images.

Your Images will compete against the thousands of other ads shown on Facebook & its partner properties; so it is of utmost importance that your ads capture the attention of your ideal audience to generate quality leads. 

Using bland images or creatives that are not related to your product or services may have a negative effect to your ads quality score, and at times, it may even lead to disapproval of your ads. 

Also another smart strategy would be to actually see what your competitors are doing through Facebook’s Ad Library tool. It will immediately help you search for your competitors page and see what types of ads they are running which will give you ideas on what you can do even better.

Engaging Videos: Video Ads in general add more depth to your product & are generally more engaging.

In fact, research by AdExpresso states that Facebook users watch close to 3 billion hours of videos every day.

So adding videos as part of your ad campaigns is definitely a good idea.

Make sure that your videos are concise, compelling & tell a good story. This will help increase your video views and convert that cold audience into warm leads just waiting to do business with you. 

You can also take it a step further by using Facebook’s Dynamic Ad Creation option.

Dynamic Ads lets you add multiple images, videos, captions & headlines for a single Ad. Facebook then uses a combination of all these elements while targeting your audience, this helps in reducing ad fatigue and in some instances, also lowers the overall Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) for your Ads.

Write a Killer Headline, Ad Copy & Call-to-Action: These are the final elements of your Facebook Ad. Your Headline, Ad Copy & Call-to-Action needs to convince your customers why you’re the best. Your job once you capture your user’s attention through your videos and creatives is to then communicate with them via your Headlines, your Ad Copy & Call to Action.

Make sure to share what your ad is all about, what are the benefits they can get, how can your offer solve their existing pain points, and why they need to act now since this opportunity is not going to be around.

There are too many advertisers out there who stress a lot on their visuals and videos but don’t do justice to the above elements when it comes to Facebook Lead Generation Ads. 

If you want quality leads, then your ad copy needs to be bloody spectacular. Convincing a person to make a purchase with just your words, requires time and effort, so don’t ignore this element of the lead generation process.  

Lookalike & Custom Audience: Once you spend enough time period of let’s say 2-4 weeks and generate conversions, you can use Facebook’s powerful AI campabilities to create custom and lookalike audiences. 

Basically a custom audience is when lets say your audience visits your main offer page and submitted a form which then redirected them to a thank you page. This means that the ad has generated 1 lead.

Facebook will now identify similar audience who might be interested and may fill up the form through lookalike audience targeting.

Running ads using these audiences will further improve your ad targeting and lead to even more relevant leads . 

3. Facebook Remarketing Ads

(Image Credit: mightyrecruiter.com)

Have you ever tried booking a flight ticket online and for some reason did not decide to buy only to see the websites ads following you everywhere you go?

That’s remarketing ads. It’s a strategy we use to follow up with lost visitors who visited our website but did not become our lead or made that purchase.

Facebook allows you to retarget this segment of audience through Remarketing Ads where you can inform Facebook to target all visitors who visited your main offer page through your ads but did not visit the thank you page. Meaning they did not fill up the form.

And this audience will be atl east 80% of your traffic that comes through your ads if not more. So why not reconnect with them again?

It’s one of the most powerful yet most underutilized strategy that businesses do not use for effective facebook lead generation.

4. Facebook Groups

(Image Copyright: csrights.com)

Facebook groups are extremely powerful assets to generate high-quality leads and is being heavily promoted by Facebook since some time now. It allows facebook users to come back to Facebook for more and more value for Free which in turn means that it gets a chance for Facebook to make more from Advertising.

But the problem is that most of us have only tried one way of approaching this which is followed by a lot of people even today is to join multiple groups related to your niche and then trying to spam them with your content or offer. This does not work well, and more often than not, you will get thrown out of the group for spam.

The better approach of generating high-quality leads using Facebook groups is by sharing valuable posts, engaging and commenting on the posts shared on the groups where your target audience already exists, asking thought proking questions, and sharing your story with like-minded individuals.

For E.g. If you are into accounting or real estate company in dubai, you can search on Facebook something like, ‘real estate dubai’ which will show up a lot of group search results like the below:

That way, you can better connect with your dream audience who then will end up enter your world through your profile funnel(covered in step #7 below).

Another great way is to create and promote your own Facebook group with the aim of providing tremendous value to your dream audience who are not yet ready to buy from you. 

However, Before you create a group, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How can I provide value to my audience
  2. Is there something that they would want to learn? 
  3. Can my group help bring like-minded people together that promotes learning?

These should be the main focus of your group. 

So for example, my group is all about Digital Marketing so I’ve named it ‘Hacking Digital Success‘ wherein I share daily tips, strategies, and hacks to scale up your online marketing campaigns & grow your business online.  

Ensure to keep the group name simple. In the beginning, you may have to do most of the engagement yourself, like answer questions, share content, etc., but once your group starts growing, your members will start creating content as well.

5. Facebook Content Marketing

(Image Copyright: amura marketing technologies)

So now that we have seen so far how without creating any kind of content, we can still generate leads from Facebook, what if we actually create content and post it on our Facebook Business Page?

It’s important to note that although you might generate a lead, that leads will still look at your Page, your Content the first thing they like your ad, and are interested in.

They want to get to know the brand behind this and great content immediately gains their trust.

But at the same time, it’s also crucial here to understand that Facebook has reduced the organic reach of posts published on Pages to less than 10%. Meaning if you have a total page followers of 1000, less than 100 people will actually see the content you publish on your page.

The reason behind this is obviously they want advertisers to pay to promote their content via Boost Post feature. So you can consider boosting with a limited budget of $5/day to promote your content and increase engagement.

But what is the kind of content you should create? I’ve learned this technique from the book Traffic Secrets which i spoke about earlier and i think it’s great.

It’s called the JK5 Method. Basically you create 5 Core Content Categories that your Brand is about. For Example, if your brand is about Real Estate, then it can be Luxury, Lifestyle, Family, Home Decor & Nature.

Once you know your core categories, it’s now easy to create the topics around it.

But what about the type of posts? Good question.

You can use the below post types and experiment with your audience which one of them gives you the best engagement and double down on that one in the upcoming months: 

  • Question & Answer Sessions
  • Exclusive discount for members
  • Interviews by Industry experts
  • Insightful Infographics
  • User-generated content (That means encouraging your members to post & create content) 
  • In-depth articles 
  • Memes, Gifs, Videos & Shareable content
  • Facebook Live Videos Sessions
  • Polls, Surveys & Industry trends
  • Facebook Stories

Now the real hack to generate leads from here is that every once in a while when you create a piece of content, make sure you include a powerful call-to-action that sends your users out of Facebook and to your website. 

For example, you can create an eBook with digital marketing strategies & tips exclusively for your group members. Share a post on your group inviting them to visit your website to download the eBook. This way you will get high-quality leads just by leveraging the power of your Facebook group.

More on leveraging Facebook Live Videos for lead generation 

Here are a few tips & strategies you can try right away – 

  1. Offer insane deals for your live audience – You can create live videos where you offer exclusive deals, information about offers, discount codes for your live audience. This will encourage your audience to take action and keep coming back whenever you create more videos like this. 
  2. Use Powerful Call-to-Action in your Videos – Call-to-action is anything that directs your users to take some action for your brand. It can be asking users to click a link in your video’s description to get an exclusive offer, or take certain action in your comments section that would further give your brand more recognition. 
  3. Ask your Audience to Share Your Video – You can ask your audience to share your live video if they love your content, this way you will reach out to even more people and get even more lead generation opportunities 
  4. Conduct Facebook Contests Using Live Videos – You can offer gifts to your audience by asking them to take certain actions and engage with your content in your live videos. Creating a Live contest not only boosts engagement, it is a huge opportunity to increase your brands reach and generate leads as well. 

6. Facebook Messenger

(Image Credit: Nightwatch.io)

Now that we have seen great ways to find new leads, how do we keep in touch with all of them together if the organic reach of Facebook Pages is low?

Just like we use Remarketing Ads to retarget lost visitors, we can use Messenger to not only chat with the existing leads but also send followup notifications about your latest offer, live event, etc.

This is just like using email marketing to send updates but via a messenger bot. Ground rule is to not use this more than once or twice per week as your users might feel spammed if you do.

You can also program pre coded messages in your AI Bots that will answer queries on behalf of you so that you don’t have to be present at all times to chat with them. But ensure you hire a trained professional to do this if you are not sure how to do it since it can be quite tricky the first time you set it up.

There are a lot of innovative Messenger Bot platforms like Sliferbots, Manychat, Mobile Monkey, etc which you can consider exploring to run these types of advanced marketing campaigns.

7. Facebook Profile Funnel

facebook profile funnel
(Image copyright: ankitmodi.net)

Did you know you can actually use your own Facebook Personal Profile to generate leads for your business?

Posting Business Posts on Facebook Personal Profile might not sound a great idea but Organic reach on Facebook Personal Profile has in recent time has surely picked up and it’s far better than Facebook Pages.

But obviously there is a way to do this strategy as well. Remember we talked about creating your own group?

This time we will explore finding business groups on Facebook and joining them. We can engage on those groups, share thoughts and ask questions to build up a network among like minded people.

If you have joined the right group, they will surely visit your personal profile. This is where you will drive them into your funnels.

You can generate quality leads even with your organic Facebook Profile, provided you ensure the following things are kept in mind. 

Optimize your Profile – Make sure your Facebook profile page is polished and looks professional. Your profile image needs to represent your brand. Add a captivating cover image. If you’re not skilled in graphic design, you can consider hiring a freelancer to help you with that. Make sure you’re about page is filled with your business description, the services you offer, and your website link & your contact details are also added to your page. Check my Facebook Personal Profile for ideas.

Add Connections from Like-Minded Groups: Since the majority of your existing friends and family might not be interested in what you have to sell, a new targeted audience might. Keep in mind Facebook has a cap of adding only 5000 friends after that they can only follow your profile.

So adding connections from the groups you just joined will expand your leads network. Obviously don’t pitch at first. Follow the strategy I have outlined in my post on how to generate leads from Linkedin to have a better understanding of how you need to do this.

Share Valuable Content – Create content that adds value to your users. Follow an 80-20 strategy when creating content. 80% of your content should be non-promotional while 20% can speak directly about your products & services. Here are some content ideas to help you get started: 

  • Personal Stories & Experiences
  • Engaging Questions
  • Lifestyle Photos
  • 3-4 Facebook Stories Daily

If you notice, this is not about sharing your business product links, etc. but rather communicating with your audience in an engaging way.

In fact don’t do that as Facebook will not allow you to reach a lot of people and may even blacklist you.

  • Be consistent – I have added this as number one, because without consistency, no matter what you do, your plan will fail. Post relevant content every day on your Facebook page.
  • Automate – If you’re strapped for time, use scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to automate the process. You can create all your content for the week in a few hours and just schedule it away.

Facebook Organic Attraction Marketing can be a great way especially if you do not have an ad budget to begin with and are just looking to make a few quick sales asap.


Okay, this might seem like a lot to generate leads on Facebook, but the good news is, you don’t have to do this all on your own. 

Let me help you, in the same way, I have helped numerous brands scale up their Facebook lead generation strategy & more importantly, generate over 10,000+ leads specifically for clients not just in Dubai but across the globe using not only effective Facebook techniques but other advanced marketing strategies & tools. 

So what are you waiting for? Book a Free 1:1 Consultation with me now and let’s start growing quality leads for your business. 

Feel free to comment below incase you have any questions so that I can reply. =)

Until the next post, ciao!

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