Car Rental Digital Marketing Strategies in Dubai

Car Rental Digital Marketing Strategies in Dubai despite COVID-19

Are you looking for a Car Rental Digital Marketing strategy for your business?

These are tough times for car rental business growth in Dubai. Many car rental companies have suffered bulk cancellations since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Since the Dubai economy is heavily dependent on tourism, car rental business survival during and post-COVID-19 era is full of challenges.

As a business owner of a car rental company that may have been thriving for years, suddenly you might be in a standstill and deciding which way to go.

Should you continue to invest in marketing and outreach efforts in the hopes of the Dubai economy turnaround?

Or, should you lay low, cut down expenses, and wait it out to see how things pan out?

But no matter which path you choose, having the right car rental digital marketing strategy may turn out to be a key decision you will take not just for the short term but for the long term as well.

But which digital marketing should you and your team do or not do? I have covered a few of the most important ones below that are not just affordable to execute but also will result in strong ROI in the upcoming months.

Car Rental Digital Marketing Tactics

Online marketing can take you to where potential customers are searching for car rentals. 

1. Go Mobile:

Opt for response-oriented website design, which is mobile friendly. This can bring about a significant increase in the inquiry volume. 


Well, with the proliferation of smartphones, a majority of potential customers use mobile for the Internet. In the coronavirus era, the Internet crowd has increased further. 

So when you expand your reach to a wider mobile audience, you have greater chances of increasing leads in a day compared to what you would gain with a desktop-only website. 

If required, do not shy from redesigning and relaunching the website. 

The best time to do is now when business is slow and there are literally no customers on the road.

2. Highly Optimized landing page:

A well-designed landing page highlighting key information can drive a lot of traffic to your website. 

Leverage it to transform your site into a powerful lead generation machine. Redesign your landing page and make it a key marketing tool as part of your car rental digital marketing strategy to dominate the search engines and produce more favorable results. 

That means when customers start looking for car rental options, they should be able to find you easily.

3. Establish authority with Content:

Differentiate yourself from the competition with engaging, interactive, and informative content that motivates visitors to enquire. 

In this regard, you may harness the potential of social networks to spread the word about your business and connect with a larger audience. 

Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. are the leading interactive platforms today, with millions of users. Imagine the amount of traffic social media marketing could help you draw.

Become an authority in the industry by sharing informative, engaging, fun, and knowledgeable content and starting conversations on subjects that interest your audience. 

Show that you care for your potential customers even during the crisis times. This should help build trust. 

When you establish yourself as an authority in the industry, your online resources become the key tool for lead generation for car rental. 

4. Run PPC campaigns:

If you are looking to speed up your growth and be a little bit more aggressive, you may be aware of the impact Facebook Conversion & Google Ads can have on your business growth.  

One most effective part of your lead generation for car rental strategy should be to rebuild and optimize your Pay Per Click campaigns. 

The idea is to reduce the cost per click and cost per conversion and since there are multiple steps involved in a sales funnel, conversion rate optimization is crucial to generating more leads in the same budget.

Done right with advanced keyword research and optimized ad writing, lead volume from PPC campaigns can grow rapidly by orders of magnitude.

5. Marketing automation:

Let automation be the key driver of leads into your car rental business. If someone is exploring your Car Rental website, chances are they are doing a pricing comparison with multiple competitor sites. Automation can come into play to bring them back to the site if they choose to abandon the checkout flow. 

Personalization of email content helps establish a direct connection with the reader and improves conversion rates. A flexible email automation service can be a powerful tool in the lead generation process, allowing different web versions of the content based on location and language. 

What’s more, a powerful car rental digital marketing strategy is focused on customer engagement more. It is here that the lead generation chatbot can generate more leads from ads.

Apart from this, plan out unique offers in this crisis period to generate interest and push leads for conversions. A free test drive has always been a big attraction for customers. There is no reason it shouldn’t help you during the COVID-19 era. 

When the focus is to create a steady stream of qualified leads, every step counts.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what your plans are to ensure your car rental business survives and thrives during this difficult period in the comments below.

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