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Running Real Estate Digital Marketing Campaigns In Dubai

The Dubai real estate market was growing rapidly until the coronavirus pandemic dealt a blow to its speedy growth.

Mobility restrictions seem to be adding to the strain on the property market, as there is a high degree of uncertainty.

This has further widened the gap between the supply and demand in Dubai’s real estate market. 

However, according to the latest report published by the national, Dubai’s property market is expected to rise quickly even in this situation, given the number of time developers have got for the completion of projects and the Expo 2020 that got pushed in 2021 due to COVID-19.

Add to this, the growing need for a safe and comfortable home so the supply and demand gap could come down gradually.

But if you are a property or real estate agent, you ought to work a little harder on your real estate digital marketing campaigns to qualify leads.

If done right, you can move leads faster through the sales funnel and turn them into sales.

5 Tactics to generate leads from Real Estate Digital Marketing Campaigns in Dubai

As a realtor, you would do well to educate potential buyers about the real estate situation in Dubai during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Leverage this opportunity to establish yourself as an industry expert with knowledge and awareness about Dubai real estate.

Additionally, you may want to make the most of these challenging times to learn real estate lead generation strategies in order to qualify the right client.

Of course, every person out there is not your target customer. You ought to find your target audience in order to succeed in your lead generation campaign.

Successful real estate digital marketing campaigns in Dubai requires executing the below steps:

1. Establish Your Online Presence

The market has changed and your prospective buyers are sitting at homes with a smartphone in hand. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, when social distancing seems to be the best option, they seek out information online. 

So unless you have a digital footprint, you cannot expect to grab this share of the audience, which is quickly growing in number. 

In order to stay ahead of the curve, you ought to make the switch to the digital world. It all begins with content marketing. 

Creating your own website and building your brand presence with content that provides engaging, optimized, and valuable information for visitors. 

Blogging is a step in that direction and is integral to your lead generation pipeline. Educate your audience about the current crisis and its effects on the real estate market in Dubai. Talk about the COVID-19 impact on real estate prices. 

Your focus should be to establish yourself as a subject matter expert by posting valuable content about your industry. 

You could even harness the power of video marketing to capture potential leads. Engaging in a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter will help serve the purpose of lead generation. Additionally, webinars and pop-up forms will further your goals to generate leads. 

2. Identify your Target Audience

First things first. Identify your potential customer.

Your ideal Dream Client

Where are they?

Which social media channels do they spend their maximum time on?

Your focus should be to identify where they are and what are they doing to be able to tap into their interests, pain points before you can generate real estate leads through paid and organic campaigns.

3. Social media marketing 

You have taken the first step by joining the bandwagon of the Internet, but it will be of no use until you make your digital presence felt. Social media marketing can help you drive valuable interest to your site. 

Post engaging and relevant content that attracts the audience’s attention. Social media has tons of opportunities for real estate businesses and agents to engage with potential customers. You can leverage social media groups or business pages to engage in lead generation campaigns.

4. Paid Advertising

Automation can help boost engagement on your website. Message bots hold the key to engaging visitors when they land on your website. Besides, you can send targeted messages depending on their browsing history. More engagement could open up your chances of landing in a deal. 

Another important part of the real estate lead generation strategy is to invest in PPC campaigns. A well-designed landing page with attractive content that hits the nail on the head can help with lead generation success. 

Paid search advertising gives you the opportunity to generate quality leads for real estate. Besides, this gives greater exposure to your existing listings. However, it would be foolish to rely completely on paid ads to bring leads that will quickly drain a hole in your wallet.

5. Measure your performance

Gauge your success by track and monitoring key metrics, such as Click-Through Rates (CTR), conversion rates, time to customer conversion, and cost per customer. 

CTR measures the number of clicks on the content page links in proportion to the number of recipients to whom the campaign was targeted. CTR gives you an idea about the relevance of your lead generation campaign. You should aim to achieve a high click-through rate. 

Conversion rate indicates how many of your target customers who clicked on the links actually perform a set of actions required for turning them into leads. Time to customer conversion gives you a picture of the amount of time a potential customer takes to turn from a lead into a customer.

The key metric will help you improve your real estate digital marketing campaigns in dubai strategies. Finally, the cost per customer is another metric to measure the success of your lead generation campaign. 

This involves the cost spent on every single lead before they turned into a paid customer. After all, the purpose of lead generation is to generate qualifying leads at a cost that will boost your bottom line and not blow a hole in your pocket.

Bottom Line

All in all, your priority should be to create content that provides value for readers and drives organic traffic and leads. 

The idea is to spread the word about your brand and make it more recognizable, reach out to a wider audience, and generate interest in the properties you offer

The success of your real estate digital marketing campaigns depends on providing your prospects with the best user experience all through the buying journey, from the first touchpoint to the closing of the deal.

Do share with me your thoughts on the above & what are your strategies to generate leads for your real estate projects in the comments below!

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