What is click funnels, is it really worth the money and time

What is ClickFunnels used for & Is it really worth the money & time?

If you are reading this blog, chances are that somewhere somehow you came across an ad or a post about a success story of how your entrepreneur friend or associate had huge success using Clickfunnels and you asked yourself, ‘Hmm, how did he achieve such great results?’

That precise question could possibly be on your mind right now which led you to really get curious about what exactly is Clickfunnels? Is it going to help your business? And more importantly, is it worth the money?

This is exactly what I went through when I first started seeing content all over my feed about Clickfunnels a few months ago and that’s when I actually decided to really dig deep about Clickfunnels & Russell Brunson(Co-Founder of Clickfunnels).

So after researching, reading all his books on how to make money from digital marketing and sales funnels starting with the Dotcom SecretsTraffic SecretsExpert Secrets & Unlocking the Secrets, and using the software Clickfunnels myself, building over 10 funnels for myself and my clients, participating in their Exclusive One Funnel Away Challenge and attending their 3 days online event Two Comma Club Live, I think I feel I should share my experience with you in this short article on what I really think about Clickfunnels & all of its associated products. =)

What is ClickFunnels?

If you’re a business owner, you most probably have a website that is up and running and is just looking for an effective digital marketing strategy to boost website traffic & increase sales.

Earlier I used to think that a normal website is just more than enough to start an online business but I have changed my mind about it now.

See, what you probably need right now is a High-Performing Sales Funnel. 

Having a website is just like having a portfolio where you showcase what you have done, what you offer, your testimonials, a blog section, etc.

However, the job of a Sales Funnel is very specific. It is created to do one thing only.

To Sell and make you more money. Period.

In my previous article, I explained in detail the difference between a Sales Funnel and a Website, and how an effective sales funnel can help boost your sales 100% times more than just a normal website.

what is clickfunnels

However, creating an effective sales funnel is no easy task. You will need to know how to code, design, market, and manage the entire process.

You may probably even need a team of experts to help you manage your entire setup, and for new businesses, that can be extremely expensive.

ClickFunnels simplifies this entire process. It helps you

  • design landing pages,
  • monitor your website traffic,
  • create autoresponders,
  • integrate payment gateways,
  • monitor your sales,
  • create beautiful forms & popups to generate leads,

and much more all with just a few clicks.

ClickFunnels is literally an amazing software that helps you market your products or services online effectively.

It’s designed with the aim of helping business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself to build sales funnels that work without needing to depend on tech-savvy people and sell more.

Is ClickFunnels Worth the Money?

is clickfunnels worth my time?

Imagine being able to manage your entire business under one roof itself. That means, no need for hiring web developers, purchasing expensive marketing software, analytics tools, and so on.

The amount of money you save when you can do all of that and more with just one software is a lot, trust me, I have been in the industry for years and have used multiple software but there is none like this.

But what if you don’t have a team and you’re all by yourself,  and not tech-savvy at all, can you still use ClickFunnels?

Hell Yeah! it’s as easy as typing. Just drag, drop and click, that’s all you have to do to get high performing landing funnels that boost sales & much more.

But to simplify things, here’s what you get when you sign up with ClickFunnels:

  • Website Hosting
  • SSL
  • Landing Pages Development & Design
  • 100+ Done For you Funnels to plug and start making money
  • A/B Testing – So you can check what works for you that will boost conversions
  • Email Marketing & CRM Management
  • Supports Payment Gateways like Stripe & Paypal
  • Training Videos & Articles to help you get started immediately
  • Excellent Customer Support

ClickFunnels Honest review 

Okay. Now you must be having a question. If this is so good, are you using it yourself?

Let me tell you that I personally have used ClickFunnels to create my own Sales Funnels & I couldn’t have made a better investment, ClickFunnels has helped me:

  1. Save a lot of time with creating & launching my website
  2. My conversions have skyrocketed
  3. I have saved a lot of money by cutting down on unnecessary marketing expenses
  4. I can easily track my sales conversions & average product value
  5. Changes are quick, easy & instantaneous
  6. Earned even more due to their amazing affiliate program
  7. Built a network of amazing entrepreneurs & business owners from their Facebook Group who are always willing to help whenever I am stuck (which rarely ever happens because it’s that easy)

you ask me personally, ClickFunnels gives you way more than what you pay for and the results are simply awesome.

But the best way to test the true power of ClickFunnels is to try it yourself.

Here is my special gift for you, try out the  14 Day Free Trial with Clickfunnels today to create your first sales funnel and see whether it applies to your business and I will personally not only help you out build your first funnel, but I will also give you my 6 Free Bonuses that can help you increase sales of your business massively.

All you have to do is just sign up here for a Free 14 Days Trial and if you like what you see, just pay $97/month going forward.

I can’t wait to hear your experience with ClickFunnels in the comments below, did you love, hate or absolutely adore it, share your feedback & I would love to help you out.

Until the next post.

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